Meet Our Team

Asset Homez is home to a team of skilled and experienced real estate professionals, deeply knowledgeable about the Dubai real estate market. They are dedicated to ensuring your investments thrive, offering expert guidance throughout your investment journey and maximizing your returns.

Bijoy Mannil

Director – Finance & Operations

Bijoy Mannil, Finance & Operations of Asset Homez International Properties, brings vast sales experience and visionary leadership to the team. His strategic acumen shapes our company's innovative direction, driving unparalleled success in the real estate sector. Under his guidance, Asset Homez thrives as a dynamic force, fostering a culture of innovation and growth. Mannil's commitment to excellence inspires our team to achieve new heights of success.

Anvar C Sadath

Director - Sales & Marketing

Meet Anvar Sadath, Sales Director at Asset Homez, celebrated for his remarkable contributions to real estate. With a history of success, he drives the company forward with unwavering determination. Anvar's leadership and strategic vision are pivotal to Asset Homez's thriving presence in a competitive market. His expertise elevates the organization's sales efforts, ensuring continued triumphs.